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The Time Has Come

June 9, 2009

Robin Farina, a professional rider for the ValueAct Capital Cycling Team, will be gracing the blog with her writing presence throughout the Nature Valley Grand Prix. Here’s her pre-race day post. Enjoy!

Well the time has come. It’s less then 1 day till show time. All the prepping is taking place today. All the cooking, laundry and team meetings will take place throughout the day. Our last rider finally showed up just minutes ago. Many of us have just come from races. I was at Mt Hood doing the stage race over on the Left Coast last week while the other half of the team gave a great showing at Philly this past weekend. Needless to say everyone is serious and in race mode.

Most everyone has been gearing up for this race. It’s the biggest field of the year and all the heavy hitters are going fast right now. My team, ValueAct Capital, feels very confident for the upcoming week. We have a well-rounded team of sprinters, climbers and all-rounders that can excel on the varying types of MN terrain. We will be on the offensive and looking to take stage wins along Team GC.

Tomorrow’s double day will be super hard on the legs but the Cannon Falls stage is where the real racing starts. Not a whole lot to report until after tomorrow evening’s crit. Stay tuned and be on the lookout for ValueAct Capital to come out swinging!