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Jackie Crowell’s Race Diary: Ready To Go

June 10, 2009

Throughout the Nature Valley Grand Prix, Jacquelyn Crowell is sharing her observations and experiences as a first-year professional cyclist for Team Type 1. Also a student at the University of Florida, the 21-year-old has seven victories to her credit this season.

The day before the race was terrific because I was a champion “napper.” I woke up, went downstairs at the house of our host family and had a bowl of cereal. Then I went back upstairs and back to sleep. Then I woke up again a few hours later and had a second breakfast – this time a bagel with organic strawberry jelly and a banana. That’s the beauty of waking up twice. You can eat breakfast twice.

After my second breakfast, we rode together as a team. First, we rode our road bikes to the St. Paul Riverfront Time Trial course. There, our director, Jack Seehafer, met us with our time trial bikes. That gave us the opportunity to ride the course on our time trial bikes. The general consensus is that we like the course. It’s the perfect distance for me because it doesn’t give me enough time to lose focus. It’s pretty short – about 10 kilometers (6.2 miles). I raced on this course last year, so I know exactly what to expect.

After that, we rode back to our host house. So it ended up being about a two-and-half hour ride, which is a little longer than I wanted. But Avery May, our awesome soigneur, gave me a great rub to get my muscles ready for the race.

Our host father, Russell, is a great chef. We had sort of a Jambalaya mix for dinner. Our host mother, Sheila, was out playing the bagpipe as part of a band. That’s the great part about traveling to races like this. You get to live with host families and meet all kinds of people you wouldn’t get to meet normally.

I can’t wrap up my account of the day without mentioning Paul Mazurek, our fantastic mechanic. He probably spent 11 hours or so in the garage today getting both our time trial and road bikes ready.

First up for Wednesday will be oatmeal right after I get up at six. Then it’s off to the time trial course at 7 and I’m down the start ramp at 9:18 sharp.

Hope to see you there.