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June 4, 2009

Bill Metz, from OptumHealth, will be a frequent contributor to the blog. This is the fifth of many posts that Bill will be making, dealing with a variety of topics within the life of a recreational cyclist.

Work. Remodeling. Commitments. Weather/Wind. It’s a conspiracy! They are all working to keep me off the bike, and, so far they’re winning. My mileage has taken a serious hit this year and if I don’t find out who is behind all this, I will record my lowest totals in 10 years. Lacking a CSI team when I need them, I decided to do my own investigation.


Big projects demanding more time, bad economy, high unemployment, I have a good job that 10 other poor devils would put a hit on someone to be in my shoes….Guess I better bag the ride and attend that noon meeting.


Big project demanding more time, kitchen in the spare bedroom, washing dishes in the tub, one too many microwave dinners….Guess I better bag the ride and varnish the baseboard.


Big events demanding more time, 80th birthdays, graduations, mom needs help with dad and the garden. Gladly bag the ride to spend time with those that have given me so much.

Weather / Wind:

Big winds, I mean really big, unseasonably cool temps, no one to go with so I can draft, rain and sometimes snow…Guess I will bag the ride and wait till it warms up in the afternoon.

Like most conspiracy theories, this one has turned out to be just that, a theory that, in this case, has proven out not to be a conspiracy but something called life. Sometimes the balance tips away from riding to the other forces that demand my time but I have been around long enough to know that it is a balance, and sooner or later it will swing the other way, if not this year, then next.

Now, if I wasn’t doing this blog I could get some serious miles in…