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Hub Racing’s Finest

June 4, 2009

Our next guest blogger is Liz Leyden, who rides for Hub Racing, out of Washington, D.C. Liz is originally from Australia, so racing state-side is something she, along with the rest of her teammates, are looking forward to. See what’s up below:

So this is my second time back racing in the States with a fantastic International Women’s pro-racing team: Hub Racing.

I arrived in Washington DC in the middle of May and am staying with our wonderful team owner, Shawn (Bega) Blumenfeld, along with another international teammate, Josie Giddens, who is from New Zealand. We’re currently based in Silver Spring, Maryland and have easy access to Rock Creek Park for some great training rides during our stay.

Speaking of training rides, last Monday, Sheba Farrin (Team Director), Josie and I decided it would be a good idea to do several hours of training in Shenandoah National Park. Well, during the last hour of the ride, within thirty minutes, I couldn’t believe my eyes when we saw not one but three bears!! The first one was while I was with Sheba – we both saw a bear crossing the road. The second one was while I was climbing a steep hill. I saw the rear of the bear heading back into the woods (phew)! The third time (yes, things really do happen in threes), the bear was on the side of the road eating when it saw me about to pass. Yes, it made eye contact and all I could think of was “why isn’t this downhill, instead of uphill??” Fortunately, I passed Yogi safely and lived to tell this tale!!

Our first stage race will be Nature Valley Grand Prix, which is one I am looking forward to. Being partial to hills, I feel some stages should suit me well, but I also know it’s going to be a very challenging race. We will also be racing Fitchburg in early July, so the NVGP should help us gauge our fitness and prepare for that race simultaneously. At Nature Valley we will be staying with hosts, which is always a great way to meet real families and experience some good ol’ US hospitality, which the Minnesotans are so very, very good at!

We look forward to representing Hub Racing in a few weeks and hope to excite the crowd!

Liz Leyden
Hub Racing